Thursday, May 06, 2004

An article I saw...

No Golden Anniversary

… and now for something different. The sentimental among us will be saddened by the news that, for that eternally young thermoplastic couple, Mattel’s Ken and Barbie, there will be no Golden Anniversary. That’s right, kids. After 43 wonderful years, the plastic duo is together no longer. Barbie has dumped Ken, and taken up with Blaine, her new Aussie surfer toy.

How and why could this happen? Although generations of fans have wondered about their personal lives, Ken and Barbie have never actually spoken. Was Ken just too stiff for the fun-loving Barbie? Was the February 12th announcement of their split—a mere two days before Valentine’s Day—just a publicity stunt to garner attention for the new “Cali Barbie” model? Perhaps we’ll never know. Mattel simply stated that Ken and Barbie “need some quality time—apart,” and that Barbie and Ken “will always remain the best of friends.”

May 2004, Conformity.

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Well, this looks like a sign of the times. It appears that Barbie, now in mid-life, has fallen for a younger man. She casually discarded Ken, who has been faithful for so many years. I am deeply saddened...
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