Monday, May 02, 2005

The new media of Blogs and News Feeds

I would like to suggest that the definition of the blogosphere be expanded to include not only blogs but also news feeds. There is a huge number of blogs and these can and are being be networked together with news feeds. Blogs and feeds work very well together and as a result it may be possible, not just for individuals, but for companies, large and small to take advantage of the technology.

I know many companies are interested in "getting ahead of the curve" when it comes to serving their customers and I think an RSS feed is a great asset. Although I usually avoid using technology simply because it's a new technology, I'll readily take advantage of real and useful technological advances that make my job easier.

To philosophize a little, I believe this means that the old paradigm of the monthly newsletter is now obsolete. Current events should be current, and in this fast-paced world where we now live, information which even a few days old is simply too late. If news feeds are done properly, with enough information in the header to make an article interesting, I can quickly make a decision to "read on" or skip over a particular article. I may go so far as to say that the weekly/monthly news magazine is also obsolete (sorry all you advertisers).

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