Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek retraction not enough: US, Pakistan

It's amazing.

Liberals will often say "Nobody died when Clinton lied", implying that Bush lied and people died. Regardless of the fact that Bush DID NOT lie, here we have a case where Newsweek lied and 17 people died. And all they can say is "I'm sorry"?

Now I hear that Eleanor Clift, a contributing editor at Newsweek, has said, "I think conservatives ought to quit trying to intimidate the rest of the media."

Here's what I think, The liberals should stop trying to re-engineer our society by removing our basic freedoms. If they are wrong then the world simply needs to know about it. Newsweek is now in the forefront of the liberals and it is obvious that they simply hate Bush. Maybe, they haven't figured it out yet but they do not represent the mainstream in this country. Newsweek is far left and I strongly believe that someone should face criminal charges.

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