Monday, June 20, 2005 - U.S. & World - Death at Disney Concerns Consumer Group

"Last year, more than 328 million people worldwide visited amusement parks but the death this week of one 4-year-old boy at Walt Disney World has led some to question whether more needs to be done to improve theme park safety."

Are you kidding? This is another case of over reaction by the media. One in 328 million, we don't have that kind safety of a record in our everyday lives!

Yes, it is tragic that a child has lost his life in an unfortunate accident. None of us like to see this happen, but this does not automatically make Disney negligent and subject to federal investigation.

One is forced to ask where the parents were, they were the ones who ultimately allowed their 4 year old to go on an "intense" ride.

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  1. I was on that ride earlier this month and found it to be intense, with bags being provided in case riders needed to vomit. After the ride, I continued on foot, feeling somewhat queasy for the next hour or so, and remained in Epcot until it closed, and then drove myself away. In 1986, I got sick at a carnival and ended up staying in a motel because I was too sick to drive 30 miles back to where I was living then.


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