Friday, November 13, 2009

Tribe of Benjamin

In September of 2008, Paul Vick ( was invited to speak at the church where I attend.  He is a very dynamic individual and comes from a former generation of youth involved in what is now known as the Jesus Movement of the '60s and '70s. He brought back some very strong memories for me.  I was not immersed in that movement but I was definitely involved.  At least as much as I could be, while on active duty in the USN.  This was when I returned my life back to Jesus in 1973.

Having been raised in a traditional Methodist Church, I knew that religion was not for me.  When I encountered the people of the Jesus Movement, I learned that I needed a personal experience with Jesus.

The music of the day was a big part of expressing what we were trying to say. The music was simplistic by any standard and not really intended as entertainment, it was from the heart of a generation seeking truth. And besides, does truth need to be sophisticated in order to be grasped? Check it out at,

Since those days long ago, I bounced around a few churches, was temporarily involved in what I would call a Christian sect  as I tried to find my way.  Other places included a evangelical-free church, a small start up church that met in a grange hall, and a Vineyard. It was during this seeking time God blessed me with my wonderful Wife. Together we were led by God to the church where we are now. We've been there for more than 20 years. 

Now, I see a new generation of young people who are experiencing the move of God once again. And again they are not satisfied with being handed a tradition by the former generation. Paul Vick calls this the Joshua Generation because of the event in the bible when the older generation passed away and the younger entered the promised land.  I call them the Tribe of Benjamin.  Benjamin is the younger brother of the twelve and he received the blessing from Jacob that says he was to be a ravening wolf (later, I will have other things to say about this parallel). I believe the "blessing" of Benjamin is why this generation is simply not satisfied...

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