Monday, August 22, 2011

Going home

Right now I'm sitting on a steel bench in the ground transportation area of the Denver airport, waiting for the shuttle to appear. This shuttle will be here in about twenty minutes and take me on the last leg home. It was a fairly long trip and it lasted much longer than I originally planned. My luggage is next to me, all that I needed for about four days of travel... I was gone for seven.

Every day, while I was gone, I would exchange SMS texts and IMs with my family. That made it a little easier.

This particular spot is familiar; I've been here before. In fact many times and every time it is in the same spot at the far right side of the bench with my luggage close by. Right now it's comfortably cool, especially considering I came from a region experiencing record breaking heat. Once I was here during winter, in the middle of the night; it was windy and very cold. It seems I am often here at night. I really wanted to look west to the mountains, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

It's nice to be home again.

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