Monday, August 01, 2011

New Computer

Recently I had a major computer failure as a result of a virus.  Among many other things it corrupted my MBR. The computer was 3 years out of warranty and I took the opportunity to upgrade.  Thankfully, I was able to retrieve all of my data files using ubuntu.

In the process of setting up again, I am installing Google Desktop Search (GDS). I had forgotten to save a list of the file extensions I do not want searched. It really is extensive. Apparently if GDS does not recognize a file extension, they include it in the search on the chance it's actually needed.

Here is my excluded file list so far.  These are all file extensions and the period character is important to include.

.aliases, .ape, .arx, .avs, .bak, .bak, .bd, .bin, .cap, .ccp, .cf, .chr, .cnt, .cpm, .cui, .cus, .dbf, .dcf, .dcl, .dfs, .diz, .dll, .dmp, .dwt, .dxr, .dxt, .easm, .erpt, .ex_, .exe, .fmp, .fx, .gsf, .hdi, .hdr, .ini, .inm, .inx, .isu, .js, .key, .lay, .lib, .lin, .llb, .lli, .lsp, .lvproj, .m, .mac, .maki, .manifest, .milk, .min, .mli, .mln, .mnd, .mnl, .mns, .mnu, .ocx, .pat, .pc2, .pcap, .pcp, .pgp, .pif, .pm, .ps, .psf, .raw, .rpf, .shp, .shs, .shx, .slb, .sld, .sps, .svf, .tbk, .tga, .ttl, .unt, .vmb, .w5s, .wac, .wbm, .wlz, .x16, .x32, .xmx

Nice, eh?

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