Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog format change

Hi to all my audience (I know there's at least one or two),

I decided to modify my blogger theme to make if more navigable (is that a word?) for smart phones.  The other canned formats available on this site are not friendly for these devices.  So, for all you desktop mavens out there, this site is going to look rather plain.

If i get the energy and time, I may try developing my own theme to detect the browser type and make it plain for smart phones and fancy for desktops; or maybe not.

If you like it, don't like it or whatever, please reply to this post.  Come to think of it why not simply reply to this post for any old reason. 

See you... 


  1. Um, yeah. I don't like it. Not that it will make any difference what my opinion is.


  2. When are you going to do a new post on your glog? It's so boring! The electronics one was somewhat entertaining, but you need more of that sort of thing to be successful! And why won't you publish any of my comments? Do you have like a problem with them? Sheesh...


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