Sunday, November 08, 2009

Too many books!

I have way too many unfinished books at the moment.

• Among these hills, a history of Livermore Colorado (I can only handle a little at a time)

• Blackberry Bold for Dummies (mostly for reference)

• WAR, from Bronze-Age Battles to 21st Century Conflict (part of my interest in military history, barely started)

• The Mitford Bedside Companion (to balance out War)

• Jacob's Dozen (on the tribes of Israel)

• The Chumash, the Stone Edition (once again for reference)

• The Sarajevo Haggadah (It's all in Hebrew and I have to learn some of this before I can make any headway at all. Right now it's almost learning one letter at a time.)

Since I also have business reading to do for my work, progress is very slow. Maybe as winter sets in I can make better headway. In any case, it seems I have my winter reading list figured out.

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  1. Oo! We're getting a little more professional with our blog now! I'm very proud of you.

    You can cross of the dummy book, because mom gave it to Steve, I think. And I still think the Mitford one is sissy, so you can cross that one off, too. That should leave you enough time to update your blog more than once every six months! Yay!


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