Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas time

Now the traditional date for the observance of Jesus' birth is past, I have been reflecting on what this is all about.

Please know, I am not one to engage in debate about when was the correct date of Jesus' birth. I realize it could easily be at any other time of year and yes, I'm sure someone with enough computing power and the ability to study celestial mechanics in detail can probably come up with the best date. Still, given immutable proof of the actual date, I doubt it would make much difference. So, I will not participate in the argument.

For me Christmas is about two things.

A time of refocusing on family, friendship and restoring relationships with others. And a time of focusing on exactly what He has done along with the price that was paid.

I suppose some of this has to do with when the multitude of the heavenly host said "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, good will toward men." I do not think the host of angels were wrong. This annual observance of His birth serves as a reminder to me of the need for good will toward men. The purpose of Jesus' incarnation was not so we would be equipped to expound on scripture without error. He did not visit mankind so we can debate doctrine with people in church affiliations outside our own. He did not come here so we would able to accuse people of other faiths as being heathen. What a waste!

Jesus' visitation was to finish God's purpose which was first mentioned in the Garden of Eden and again at the time of his birth, God's desire to be with us, Emmanuel. I believe all this will shortly come to pass as a result of Jesus birth, His life, and His death on the cross.

Next, it is a time of reflection; a time of remembering what God has done for me personally, and for all mankind. My bible tells me that in the beginning God said, "Let US make man...". I believe this little pause in creation was a conference of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Three and yet One mighty God, creator of heaven and earth). He took a short moment to consider this particular act of creation, to make man. This was a truly unique moment in the creation account. Since God is able to see all time with perfect clarity He certainly would have known, if He made man, Jesus would be required to die on the cross. Nevertheless, He decided the creation of man was important enough to continue and the sacrifice was to be made. And it is was all "very good".

To Him be the glory!

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