Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coding Horror: Speeding Up Your PC's Boot Time

Coding Horror: Speeding Up Your PC's Boot Time

I agree that "no boot time" is the best time.

A few years ago I heard that Microsoft was thinking of getting into that TV appliance market. Can you imagine "booting" your TV and taking a few minutes? How about your car, modern cars can have over 20 processors running and I can use my ignition key to get instant start and stop with no penalties. I can even turn it off and on several times in less than one minute and it still works great. There is no such thing as an improper shutdown where you are penalized on the next boot so the situation can be corrected. Has your TV or car ever given you a blue screen? I still get them with Windows XP!

After all these years since the Intel 8088 @ 4.77 MHz and DOS 2.1, we still have to wait a "tolerable" period of time in order to get to work. Has no one figured it out yet?

I guess I'm showing my age here.... -doug

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